While some people are busy asking whether we’re seeing the death of cryptocurrencies, a new report says 60% of us will be using digital wallets by 2026.

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Google has made it easier to make quoted searches by adding snippets to search results to help users save time in locating a phrase in a web page.



In this insight, we take a look at what GitHub and GitLab are and why 83 million developers use its service in the world of software development.



Following Amazon suing the admins of more than 10,000 Facebook groups over an alleged co-ordinated fake reviews campaign, we look at how to spot fake reviews and dubious ratings on Amazon.

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A 1976 Apple-1 prototype, believed to have been owned by Steve Jobs and hand-soldered by Steve Wozniack is being auctioned and is expected to fetch around $500,000 (£400,000).



A new Oxford University study involving 38,935 video-game players overs six weeks has concluded that there is little to no evidence for a causal connection between game play and well-being.



When the UK government first asked people to work from home if they could, back in March 2020, it triggered a huge rise in homeworking. But how may people are still homeworking now?

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With young people now unlikely to read newspapers or watch the news on television, and following the latest Ofcom report, we look at which channels people get their news from.



For those who have so many apps open that they inevitably run out of available space on their taskbar, Microsoft is adding an overflow button where the excess ones can be accessed.



We look how extreme heat can affect IT hardware and what measures you can take to keep the equipment cool and prevent damage.

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We know it can be caused from intensely focusing on tasks, especially staring at a computer screen (or phone screen), but what measures can we take to prevent it?



Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 have announced that their customers will have access to high-speed mobile connectivity on London’s Tube network.



Following recent security concerns about Amazon’s plans to enable Alexa to mimic voices, we look at how easy it is to do...

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Rising electricity prices, energy-hungry crypto mining operations and falling cryptocurrency prices are thought to be behind...



In this article, we take a brief look at the relative merits of Office 365 compared to Google Workspace and how Google’s recent...



Social media app Instagram has announced that it is testing new methods for age verification of users, including the use of...

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The new Privacy Auditing feature in Windows 11 allows users to see a list of which apps have accessed their microphone or camera...



In this tech-insight, we look at what Wi-Fi 5 And 6 are including their differences plus the improvements that Wi-Fi 6 offers.



In this insight, we look at what ‘data gravity’ is, what challenges it creates, and some ways in which businesses can tackle data gravity challenges.

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A government Bill has laid out a new UK data protection regime (which diverges from EU regulations) and which the government says will ease the burden on businesses...



Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been retired after 27 years and here we take a brief look back over its history and why it fell behind competitors...

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Following the recent story about how a Google Bot was reported to have said things that a sentient being may say, we take a brief look at how good chatbots are now.

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Following a claim made by a consumer champion against Apple over the ‘Batterygate’ alleged throttling of older iPhones, millions of people could...



Vodafone has announced the switch-on of the UK’s first wind and solar-powered mobile phone mast in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

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The growing number of cyber-attacks since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine have led The Russian Foreign Ministry to warn...

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In this insight, we take a look at Shopify, what it offers, and how it has grown to become a major e-commerce platform.



Following the recent news that the EU plans to introduce a single, universal charger for all devices, it has been reported that the UK...

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The new, free Firefox Translations browser extension translates websites in the browser without using the cloud, using machine learning.

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The world’s first ‘exascale’ computer, called the ‘Frontier’ computing system (i.e. a supercomputer) has smashed the exascale computing speed barrier.



In this tech-insight, we look at what a BlockChain domain is, what it is used for, how to buy one and what may bring them more into mainstream usage.

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Zoom has announced that its new apps, updates, and features will improve collaboration and creativity, thereby increasing engagement and...

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A recent ‘Mobile Phone Trends’ report has highlighted how the quality and reliability of mobile phone calls in the UK are improving. So, what’s helping to...



Rather than EV drivers waiting for 40 minutes to re-charge the car battery at a charging station, could the solution be stations where drivers can...

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In this insight, we look at the development, applications and issues relating to new ‘smart eye’ wearables such as smart glasses and...

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Following the launch of the new business-focused WhatsApp Cloud API, we take a look at where Facebook’s (i.e. Meta) popular secure chart app is heading.



The UK government’s MI5-run ‘Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure’ has launched a new app to help people spot approaches from foreign spies and organised criminals seeking sensitive information.

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Check out the new features WhatsApp are adding to conversations.

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In this insight, we look at what ereaders are, their strengths and weaknesses and...



With its volatile past and with a recent survey showing that almost one-third of small...

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Apple, Google and Microsoft have announced that they are joining forces to support a common passwordless...

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Looking at the risks and challenges associated with sending email attachments and a new product that could allow...

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In this insight, we look at where Virtual Reality (VR) is now, plus what predictions there are for its future.

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New research has revealed that UK households could save an average of £147 per year on their electricity bills by...

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Google has announced that it is changing its policies to allow more types of personally identifiable information removal requests.

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We look at the legal issues around recording calls on your mobile and the different methods for doing so...

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The world’s biggest streaming service, Netflix, revealed that it had lost a massive 200,000 subscribers in the first 3 months...

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Backlinks are believed to be one of Google’s top three ranking factors. Trustworthy backlinks from websites with a high...

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Citizen Lab has reported finding evidence that Pegasus spyware was being used to listen-in on UK government networks...

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A recent revision to the draft Online Safety Bill could mean that executives who don't comply with the regulator's information request could start facing penalties such as jail...

Deepfake videos of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky have appeared online this week, both with quite different messages....

A report has revealed that 3% of users are responsible for 92% of malware events for businesses, indicating that a small number of users create the most risk.

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If you are an existing customers you can easily raise a support ticket by following our guide right here!

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Strange phrase for something that could be potentially painful to your business!

We recommend all our customers should have 2FA/MFA enabled for Office 365.

HOIT has been fighting ransomware for years and up to this point there has been no real defence against it

One of the most recent forms of cyber attack is on the rise and is rapidly making it’s way into small to medium businesses.

In the past, the security of your systems has been an Ad Hoc and evolving a job which has become increasingly difficult over the past...

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