IT can be complex and time consuming, so we offer a wide range of services and solutions for companies of all sizes, covering most (if not all) eventualities.

The core business software for the majority of businesses

As an accredited Microsoft Silver partner we have migrated thousands of businesses over to Office 365, setting up all their requirements, including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

We have used Office 365 ourselves since it was launched – we know it inside out!

Protecting your IT network is essential to the security of your business

Without the right IT security defences in place your network is open to attack and data loss. The financial and reputational impacts could be disastrous.

We provide antivirus and security solutions to protect your business.

Your business will almost certainly fail if your IT fails

If your IT fails without a disaster prevention plan in place, you will be looking at 1-2 weeks to get your business back to the same level of IT availability as you had before the disaster.

We provide a full range of IT business continuity solutions and disaster prevention solutions.

Servers, desktops, laptops, tablets

Yes, we do sell computers which may come across as curious in an age when you can buy online, often for less than you would pay on the high street.

So why do our customers still opt to buy computer and other IT equipment from us?

Cabling, wireless, hardware or VOIP

Many of our clients ask us to look after various aspects of their IT network, in addition to the more traditional support requests.

Cabling, wireless, hardware or VOIP – whatever you need, we can purchase, set up and handle all your networking and hardware issues.

Not quite as simple as just plugging your devices back in again!

Moving office and all your equipment takes a huge amount of planning and effort.

We can manage your IT Relocation as part of the overall move, install any necessary infrastructure in the new premises and work to an agreed plan so you are up and running on day one.