Google Improves ‘Quoted Search’

By Mike Knight Google has made it easier to make quoted searches by adding snippets to search results to help users save time in locating a phrase in a web page. Quoted Searches Quoted Searches are searches where the search term is placed within quotation marks to find an exact […]

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What Is GitHub, GitLab etc?

By Mike Knight In this insight, we take a look at what GitHub and GitLab are and why they are important in the world of software development. GitHub, from GitHub Inc., is a not-for-profit website and cloud-based hosting service for open-source development projects – it is the largest open-source host. […]

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Where Do People Get Their News From?

By Mike Knight With young people now unlikely to read newspapers or watch the TV news and following the latest Ofcom report, we look at which channels people get their news from. Decline Of Printed Newspapers Newspaper readership has been declining for many years but the drop in readership during […]

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