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Robots Now Legally Lethal

‘Killer Robots’ have been authorised for use by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors … what could possibly go wrong?

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Personalised (Printed) Pills

A Helsinki startup has developed a ‘Medicine-as-a-Service’ system where drugs can be 3D printed to exactly match the needs of the patient in terms of their size, physiology, species, plus any allergies. 

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Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 20

This month we bring you the latest features Google have added to Maps, Search and Shopping that will benefit both you and your business. How to report a scam website, the usual but very important Black Friday warnings. Our 10 Ways To Help Stop Spoofing video. The secret way to advertise on google for FREE if you are a charity or non-profit organisation, the latest on what is going on at Twitter, how to save time using Gmail PLUS some important* dates for your diary.

* not important at all (unless you’re totally interested in socks).

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