Where Do People Get Their News From?

With young people now unlikely to read newspapers or watch the TV news and following the latest Ofcom report, we look at which channels people get their news from. Decline Of Printed Newspapers Newspaper readership has been declining for many years but the drop in readership during the pandemic years […]

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Subway Surfing : Tube Talk

Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 have announced that their customers will be joining both Three and EE’s customers in having access to high-speed mobile connectivity on London’s Tube network, including within the tunnels.  Joined BAI  As confirmed by Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 have […]

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New Windows Feature Displays Which Apps Have Been Listening-In

The new Privacy Auditing feature in Windows 11 allows users to see a list of which apps have accessed their microphone or camera recently, plus details of any other suspicious activity.  See Which Apps Have Accessed Your Microphone And Camera David Weston, Microsoft’s VP for Enterprise and OS Security, highlighted […]

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