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O'Neill Tax Consultants

Very quick response and completely solved my problem.

Also spoke to me in a language I could understand as I'm a complete computer idiot.

Much appreciated.

11 minute average SLA Response Time
5 minutes and 28 seconds


For the week commencing 20/03/23

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IT can be complex, so our focus at Hands On IT is to make the complex accessible to all our clients and provide continuity of IT support for you and your business.
Martek Contracts - 28/02/23
" Hands On provide us with a good service and my personal experience has always been completely as expected "

Martek Contracts Ltd

Red Ox Fashions - 08/02/23
" It's my first time using your service since Hands On took over Pioneer Computers.
The service is reliable and fast. I really appreciate it.
Thank you "

Red Ox Fashions

Argentum Financial Planning - 26/01/23
" As always just perfect and great all round "

Argentum Financial Planning Ltd

Croydon Vision - 20/01/23
" i appreciate all the staff at hands on as a team they are always available to
help at the very point of connecting. "

Croydon Vision

Garnett Keeler - 04/01/23
" As always a highly professional service "

Garnett Keeler

Garnett Keeler - 23/12/22
" Fast, efficient and professional.
Great response to my problem "

Garnett Keeler

APL, Helpdesk - 21/12/22
" Engineer was very helpful and didn't make me feel awkward
as i don't know much about computers "

APL, Helpdesk

Restful Homes - 20/12/22
" Very helpful and friendly "

Restful Homes (Sutton Coldfield) Ltd

Alpine Works - 20/12/22
" HOIT sorted my problem out quickly and efficiently
- very pleased with the service, thank you "

Alpine Works