Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 5
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 5

This article from Internet Matters features some great safety tips and advice for anyone who uses any of the social apps out there.

If you are a parent of a social app user you may want to give their Facebook page a follow too.

We’re excited to be getting out of the office to attend the 2nd GYBS at Epsom Downs Racecourse on the 7th Sept 2021.

The show is a mix of exhibitors, networking and seminars led by industry experts – click the image above for further details as this show may be a perfect opportunity for you and your business PLUS visitor tickets are free!

Fingers’ crossed for a restriction-free September!

A really simple shortcut to remember but a very useful one!
If searching for a particular word when using the web, a reader or a word processing programme, type Ctrl + F, enter your word into the search box and hit the Enter key.

(try it out now and search for the word chocolate!)

Our Service Level Agreement
A total of 307 tickets were raised over the last month* and our engineers responded within an average time of 22 minutes and 23 seconds.

* 22 working days

We’ve had some great survey responses to the work we have been carrying out and love to receive any constructive thoughts you may have.

As usual, the best ones make it onto our socials.

Have you ever been involved in an email thread that you just don’t need to be a part of?

Click on the image to find out how to easily remove yourself from unnecessary email threads.

(Obviously, this is not designed so you can ignore any requests to do your job but more to remove yourself from the constant email ping on topics that don’t involve you ie: the Euros, chat about that series you’ve not got around to watching yet, other people talking about their kids etc) 🙄.

This article shows you how to successfully wipe your sensitive data from your iPhones, Android phones, Tablets, Laptops and even PlayStations, Smartwatches, MacBooks and Kindles.

Click image to read article.

Are you serial tab opener?

If you have opened many, many tabs at the same time and then can’t find the tab you actually want, then this is the shortcut for you!


You’re on mute Carol….. CAROL! YOU’RE ON MUTE!


A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
07/07/21 – Chocolate Day

17/07/21 – Emoji Day
Remember – Windows Key + Full Stop = 👍🏽

20/07/21 – Moon Day
It’s actually the anniversary of the lunar landing but you were thinking of the other
type of moon weren’t you? (‿|‿)

24/07/21 – Tequila Day
Did you know, Tequila is a Spanish word meaning “I don’t remember doing that”?

29/07/21 – Rain Day
One could argue that every day is a Rain Day but there we go…

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