Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 31
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 31
Do you know how to generate a QR code and more importantly, why you’d want to?

We take a look at the future of QR codes as the successor to barcodes…
It’s been reported that following a hack of the online travel agency’s email system, customers have been receiving phishing emails asking for their bank card details to avoid cancellation of their hotel booking.
Have you ever used Booking.com? Click on the image for our security advice.

Protect your privacy and prevent yourself from being tracked by other websites by automatically blocking third-party cookies in Google Chrome.
Click on the image for a larger version.

The so-called ‘Batterygate’ iPhone throttling case has been given the go-ahead by UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal which could mean a near £853 million ($1 billion) damages payout to affected Apple customers.
Do you have an iPhone? Click on the image to read more.

On the 9th November 2004, the well-known web-browser ‘Firefox’ was released, although it had earlier been called something entirely different altogether.
Judging by that image ➡ what do you think it might have been originally?
Reports are stating that in the 12 months that ChatGPT has been publicly available, the number of phishing emails have jumped 1,265%.
Click on the image to find out what happened.
Did you know that by adding an emoji into your passwords you can make them exceptionally challenging to crack?
We’ve created a short video to show you how and when it can be done.
Following the recent news that Scotland’s Health Secretary, Michael Matheson, received an £11,000 roaming charges bill from his holiday, we’ve taken a look at some of main ways you can keep data roaming charges down.
Click on the image to see how you can keep the roaming charge costs down.
This is a great tech tip if you are looking for a specific video in Google.
Our YouTube Short shows you how you can easily filter your results and save yourself tons of time.

© Scott Metzger Cartoons

A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
25/11/23 – Sinkie Day
A genuine day for those of you who prefer to eat over the sink,
instead of using a plate!

30/11/23 – National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day
Imagine calling into work with a strong and cheery voice stating that you feel
absolutely fine but won’t be coming in today?
Once you’ve been fired, you could spend the rest of the day looking for another job!

01/12/23 – National Bartender Day
To celebrate, go to your nearest watering hole and order a drink.
Your generosity and sacrifice will make their day!

02/12/23 – Global Fat Bike Day
I don’t think I should comment on this, but I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing…

12/12/23 – National Ding-A-Ling Day
If someone wants to show you their Ding-A-Ling, just say
no, walk away and DON’T LOOK BACK *

* Unless you’re into that sort of thing – you mucky tyke!

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