Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 24
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 24
The FBI has warned that cyber criminals are hijacking public USB ports to introduce malware and monitoring software onto devices.
Software installed through a corrupted USB port can lock a device or export your personal data and passwords directly to the perpetrators.
Click on the image to read the 5 points the FBI want you to know in order to protect your devices.
If you’d like to personalise who you’re chatting to by using their photo as a background in the chat or you’d like to change and brighten up your conversations, you can easily change the default backgrounds to chats.
β¬… So here are some ways to check the facts quickly for yourself.
Even though ChatGPT can produce some convincing looking outputs, as show in this case, it is still capable of making things up or getting things wrong.
Read all about it ➑
Tech Trivia 🧐
Did you know that Bill Gates originally wanted to become a lawyer (like his father) when he was little?
However, as he grew up he discovered computers and in this month in history (4th April 1975) he, along with his school-friend Paul Allen founded “Micro-Soft” as it was called back then.
Try to remember this, there might be a quiz later! πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸŽ“
Want to take a trip down memory lane?

Google archives will show you how your neighbourhood used to look in the past.


Just because AI has been grabbing all the headlines, it doesn’t mean we can forget about the other threats that are growing.
Quantum computing will shortly be able to bypass security now that it’s getting more powerful.
But what exactly is Quantum computing and should we be worried? Read all about it ➑
Spotted A Suspicious Text Message?
Do you know what to do is you receive a text message that you aren’t quite sure about?
Action Fraud suggest that any suspicious messages asking you to “verify” personal or financial details should be forwarded to 7726 so they can take action.
YouTube’s owner Google is warning users of a phishing attempt showing no-reply@youtube.com as the sender and are advising users to be cautious and not to download / access any file received in such an email while they investigate.
Read their tips to stay safe from phishing ➑
We’re taking a look at the role of prompt engineers within the AI industry, why it’s suddenly a sought-after role and what the future prospects are for prompt engineers.
Read on β¬…
It’s the nature of our job that we’re only contacted at times when things are not going right, so it’s really lovely to receive such testimonials as this.
Tech Tip
If you have a WordPress website please read the security warning below.
Cybersecurity researchers have warned that an old plugin is being used to hack WordPress websites and masking it’s activities as cookies.
Click on the image to read the advice given.

Just in case you’d forgotten!

(and if the bank holiday weekend still feels like a very long time away
you could check out this fab timewaster website)

A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
28/04/23 – National Hairball Awareness Day 😾🧢
Share this holiday with your friends and family members and spread the
word about hairballs!

03/05/23 – National Lumpy Rug Day
If you do have a lumpy rug, don’t suffer in silence, please reach out,
there are people who can help πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

05/05/23 – National No Pants Day 🩲
Let them hang, free the foof – enjoy yourself!

13/05/23 – National Crouton Day
Can’t wait for this one – had such an amazing Crouton Day last year πŸŽ‰

21/05/23 – National Talk Like Yoda Day
“Do or do not. There is no try”

(NB: just found out that National No Pants Day is
an American Day – so please don’t follow my previous advice πŸ˜€)

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