Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 18
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 18
Energy regulator Ofgem
Energy regulator Ofgem is warning consumers to beware of scam email messages claiming to offer discounts on energy bills.
Click on the image to learn what to do and who you can report to if you receive a phishing email.
By opening your Google Photos app, you can use ‘Google Lens’ to learn more about the picture you’ve taken.
Handy if you’ve seen something you want to learn more about or when online shopping!
Windows 11 Update
The new Windows 11 update started its rollout in 190+ countries on the 20th September.
β¬… Read our article to see what it includes and how it could benefit your business.
Great advice from the National Cyber Security Centre on phishing and how to deal with suspicious emails.

For help, call us on 020 8649 9911 or check out the NCSC website here.

Click on the image for a larger version.

NSCS Phishing Attacks
Nearly Half of Employees Use Risky Login Practices
Risky Login Practices
A new study has revealed that almost half of employees put their companies at risk by using risky online habits to avoid difficulties logging in and out of apps at work. πŸ”‘
Definitely worth a read. ➑
We’ve had some great survey responses to the work we have been carrying out and love to receive any constructive thoughts you may have.

Check out the best ones that have made it onto our socials.

Hands On IT Services Survey Response
Do you have a habit of forgetting where you’ve left the car?
Use Google Maps on your mobile to temporarily save your location.
Watch our short video ➑ to find out how! πŸš—
While some people are busy asking whether we’re seeing the death of cryptocurrencies, a new report says 60% of us will be using digital wallets by 2026.

Read the full article here.

The rise of Digital Wallets


A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
01/10/22 – National Coffee Day
May your morning coffee give you the strength to make it to your mid-morning coffee 🀞🏼

07/10/22 – World Smile Day πŸ˜ƒ
Wanna know what really makes me smile? My face muscles!

09/10/22 – International Beer & Pizza Day πŸ•πŸΊ
Or more commonly known in my house as Friday!

21/10/22 – International Day of the Nacho!
This is a genuine day! I’ve doubled checked and it’s a real day! πŸ™„

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