Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 37
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 37
Take a look at our latest Tech Tip which shows how you can organise your tech life using File Explorer to easily manage AND locate your documents..

Do you do this already? ➡
The online travel marketplace has recently been designated a ‘gatekeeper’ by the EU.

But what does this actually mean and will it effect holidaymakers?

⬅ Do you use Booking.com?
Android users already enjoy access to these types of emulators so Apple’s move to allow iPhone users to also do so could literally be a “game-changer”.

Good news for you iPhone users!

If you frequently copy and paste various items, Windows Clipboard History will be an invaluable tool to save you tons of time.

Try it out!

And are they are scary as they sound?

I think the answer might be a resounding yes!

Hundreds of complaints about this scam have already been reported to Action Fraud .

Read on to find out who’s vulnerable to this attack and the advice given to stop yourself from becoming a victim.
There’s a new cybersecurity law coming to the UK that will ban device manufacturers from allowing weak, easily guessable passwords.

So, two questions initially spring to mind.

1. Can this really slow the cyber criminals down?

2. and is this really the end of P@ssword123?
A study by cybersecurity and robotics researchers has revealed how powerful sound waves could disrupt the operation of underwater data-centres.

Raising concerns that these data-centres could be extremely vulnerable to sabotage.

⬅ Take a look here.

Don’t have multiple monitors but need to expand our workspace?

Try this top tip to help you keep your workflow organised.

This took me ages to get!

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A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
31/05/24 – National Macaroon Day
A brand new Best Bits AND Macaroon Day!! 😲
You lucky tinkers!

01/06/24 – Say Something Nice Day 🤐

02/06/24 – National Leave Work Early Day
Conveniently on a Sunday, AGAIN! 🤬

08/06/24 – International Knit In Public Day 🧶
Get yer knits out for the lads!

10/06/24 – National Iced Tea Day
No 🤮

21/06/24 – National Day of the Gong! 🟡
Genuinely got it’s own day!

24/06/24 – National Kenneth Day
Can’t Ken believe it? 😕

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