Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 34
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 34
With some research indicating that ‘emotive prompts’ to generative AI chatbots can deliver better outputs, we look at whether ‘being nice’ to a chatbot really does improve its performance.

So, should we be nice to AI? ➡
Would it help your business if you were able to develop a comprehensive guide on your brand’s voice and writing style?

Watch our quick video to see how easy Chat GPT can make it.
Meta has announced that it will be passing on Apple’s 30% service charge (often referred to as the “Apple tax”) to advertisers who pay to boost posts on Facebook and Instagram through the iOS app.

So will this effect you? ➡
Who offers them? What are their benefits?Are there other secure payment alternatives?

We’ve taken a look into the world of virtual credit cards and what it may mean for your business.
Save yourself the time and trouble by knowing how to recover your lost Word documents by watching our latest Tech Tip video!
iPhone users are being urged to use a new feature called ‘Stolen Device Protection’, recently rolled out in an iOS update.

This new feature can help prevent someone who has stolen your device and knows your passcode from making critical changes to your account or device.

Well worth checking out.
If you’ve ever been concerned about the privacy aspects of AI, you may be very surprised to learn that conversations you have with Google’s new Gemini AI apps are “retained for up to 3 years” by default.

Do you find that concerning?
If you’ve got a desktop Word document that you need to share externally, and you want a fast way to check for (and remove) personal information, comments, or other hidden data that you might not want to distribute, Document Inspector can help.

Take a look.


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A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
01/03/24 – St David’s Day
Or Dydd Gwyl Dewi – enjoy! 🥬

04/03/24 – National Ray Day 👋🏻
If you know a Ray, give them a hug, they’ll love it

16/03/24 – National Artichoke Day
Do you know there’s no emoji for an artichoke? Can’t believe it! 🥒

23/03/24 – National Alice Day 😎
Not sure what the Ray’s and the Alice’s in the world have done to deserve their
own days in March, but good on ‘em!

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