Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 29
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 33
Following news that Google may need to pay $5 billion over tracking millions of people who thought they were browsing privately through incognito mode, we look at what incognito mode actually does.
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Cyber Security News has compiled a top 10 most notable Cyber Attack list for 2023.
This serves as a reminder that advancements in technology, increased connectivity and the sophisticated tactics used by threat actors are evolving at a rapid pace.

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Article: Verifying Your LinkedIn Profile

Even though the feature was launched in early 2023 with a target of getting 100 million verified members by 2025, many people may not yet have heard that LinkedIn provides an identity verification feature on its’ platform.
McAfee has identified a list of malicious apps that Android owners should immediately delete as they all have a particular malware in common.
Do you have any of these Android Apps on your device? ➡
If you’re using Google Chrome to browse the internet and want a quick way to jot down notes or ideas without needing a separate app, this trick will turn a Chrome tab into a simple note-taking app.
Work has started on Google’s first UK data centre which will cost £790M ($1 billion), and will add to Google’s 27 data centres worldwide and will support its move into AI.
Security researchers, Arctic Wolf Labs, have reported that victims of Royal and Akira ransomware are being targeted in follow-on extortion attacks. In these attacks, the threat actors falsely claimed…
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Do you already know this great way to easily notify your colleagues to certain parts of your email message without having to start a new conversation?

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A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
03/02/24/ – Elmo’s Birthday 🎂
Fun Fact: Although ‘born’ in 1979, Elmo is three
and a half years old and his full name is actually Elmo Monster!

05/02/24 – National Fart Day
Cheese, Air Biscuit, Trump, Blow Off, Passing Gas, Bottom Burp, One Cheek Sneak,
Toot, Windy-pops, A**e Ripper – whatever you call it, enjoy your day! 💨

07/02/24 – Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbours Day 👋🏻
Instead of the usual one or two-finger salute you normally give to your
neighbours, try wiggling all your fingers today!

13/02/24 – Self Love Day
No it’s not that kind of self love, you naughty scamps. It’s a day for treating yourself
to your favourite lunch with your favourite people and making a habit of respecting
yourself, just as you are! ❤️

23/02/24 – Curling Is Cool Day 🥌
It’s not.

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