Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 3
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 3
You may have noticed that we have been highlighting the importance of MFA and 2FA recently.

Although phishing scams are on the rise they are also one of the easiest threats to prevent if MFA is in place.

More info can be found here and here.

If managing schedules for your team is one of your responsibilities, then this tutorial on Shifts will help make your life easier.

Find out how here

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Sometimes the IT issues we deal with are complicated enough to require the whole team sharing their knowledge to resolve it, sometimes it’s obvious immediately…

Click pic for larger image.

This Windows keyboard shortcut is a great time saver!

Just press Windows Key + V to start up your Clipboard history tool.

Click on image for further details.

Our Service Level Agreement
The last 30 days have been busy ones for our engineers with 311 tickets raised with an average response time of 30 minutes and 13 seconds.
A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
07/05/21 – Cosmopolitan Day
I consider myself cosmopolitan
(full of vodka and cranberry juice) 🍸

11/05/21 – Eat What You Want Day
The best thing about being an adult, also the worst! 🍟

16/05/21 – Love A Tree Day
Just a hug, nothing else okay?

21/05/21 – Memo Day
I didn’t get it….

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