Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 28
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 28
Back in August 1997, Microsoft & Apple announced their cooperation.

But why was the announcement met with a mixture of boos AND applause from the audience?
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We’ve taken a look at what deepfake videos are, why they’re made and how they (might) be quickly and easily detected using a variety of deepfake detection and testing tools.
β¬… So is this a deepfake image or not?
Rather than spending your time typing out your handwritten notes, Google Keep’s OCR means you can quickly convert them into typed text by simply taking a photo of them with your phone.
β¬… Here’s how.
Sotherby’s, the renowned auction house and brokers of art and collectibles are selling a super-rare pair of Apple-branded trainers for a guide price of $50,000 (circa Β£39K)…
So would you buy them if you had the spare cash? ➑
If you are a charity or non-profit organisations you can get up to Β£7,500 in grants EACH MONTH to spend on Google’s Pay Per Click AdWords for FREE?

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Check Your Passwords
Google’s Password Manager in Chrome allows you to check if any of your passwords have been compromised or involved in a data breach.
The discovery of this particular weakness raises some serious concerns about the safety and security of popular Chatbots, especially as they start to be used in a more autonomous fashion.

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Securing Your Staff – Part 2
A free-standing AI road safety camera system deployed in Cornwall caught 300 drivers in the first three days.

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Customise Your Google Homepage
Customise and personalise your Google homepage to show your favourite photo or GIF.
Have a Great Bank Holiday!

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A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
26/08/23 – National Toilet Paper Day 🌳
Did You Know – One person’s lifetime usage of toilet paper would
take around 384 trees to make?
Unless you use recycled paper of course.

27/08/23 – National Banana Lovers Day
Wow – what a fun-packed long weekend we have coming up! 🍌

28/08/23 – Bank Holiday Monday 😎
Back on Tuesday!

08/09/23 – National Iguana Awareness Day
😌 ➑ 🦎 ➑ πŸ™‚

22/09/23 – Chainmail Day ⛓️
Find a pattern online, grab your soldering iron and learn to make your
loved-one a chainmail jumper in time for Christmas.

26/09/23 – National Dumpling Day
Did You Know – 2000 dumplings weigh roughly the same as won ton? πŸ₯Ÿ

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