Hands On Our Best Bits! – Issue 27
Hands On Our Best Bits!
Issue 27
The police have reported that there has been an increase in the number of silent 999 calls in recent months likely to be the result of the updated β€˜SOS’ feature in android phones.
The rise in silent calls has put more strain on emergency services as UK emergency ➑
Servers, desktops, laptops or tablets…

Yes, we do sell computers which may come across as curious in an age when you can buy online, often for less than you would pay on the high street.

So why do our customers still opt to buy computer and other IT equipment from us?
If your screen has dimmed because you’ve less than a minimum threshold of battery life left but you still need to read what’s on your screen, you can force your Android phone to be bright by following the steps below…
Research from Object First has revealed that 75% of consumers would ditch a company known to have been hit by a ransomware attack in favour of a safer competitor.

The message to businesses is to prioritise cyber security and data protection measures such as reliable backup and recovery, password protection and identity and access management.
β¬… Take a look at the security solutions we offer below.
Following the release of Threads, Meta’s alternative platform to Twitter there have been reports of more than 10 million signups in the first seven hours.

This must be a massive slap in the face to Elon Musk and adds an extra dimension of rivalry between the two (which has been heating up recently).
Read on ➑
Did you know by keeping your phone cool you can considerably speed up the charging process?

No, neither did we.

Take a look at the other ways to speed up your charging time.

But why is AI responsible for a halt on the production of your favourite programmes?
Action Fraud have a some great advice in dealing with Cryptocurrency Fraud.

Click on their image to read more.

With so many innovative, technologically advanced transport and travel systems now being used in the real world, we’ve taken a look at what travelling in the near future could look like.

The Oppenheimer blockbuster launched with an IMDB rating of 9.0, so it appears lots of people liked it.

Whilst the film made mention of many of the pioneers in physics who helped during the Manhattan project, it could perhaps have made more than at least a passing reference to Marie Curie.

After all, her contribution towards nuclear physics literally killed her!

β¬… Click on the image to read more.

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A Couple of Dates For Your Diary
31/07/23 – Uncommon Instrument Day
Do you have an uncommon instrument?
Well, today’s your day! πŸ“―- toot!

01/08/23 – Rounds Resounding Day 🎡🎡🎡
Why don’t you start a round of Frere Jacque or London’s Burning
in the office and see how that goes down?

03/08/23 – National Grab Some Nuts Day
Seriously, does no-one check with the Brits before naming these days? 🌰πŸ₯œ

12/08/23 – National Middle Child Day πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘€πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ
Doubt anyone will notice though…

24/08/23 – Pluto Demoted Day
Spare a thought for poor Pluto. πŸ˜₯
Not only do people believe it was named after a
cartoon dog (it was actually named after the Roman God of Death)
but it was also demoted from planet status to mere dwarf planet
on this day in 2006.

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