Job Title

Systems Engineer

Year Joined


Typical Day

Speaking to our customers resolving issues over the phone and dealing with any issues that arise.

Best Software/App

Always been a tough one for me but my top two are Spotify and Netflix. Music and films available on my phone, all I ever need.

My First Computer

a Dell, like the singer, get it?

Most Exciting Up-Coming Tech

Human augmentation, blurring the lines between humans and robots. Imagine if you were able to play your memories on the TV or even be able to download another language straight to your brain.

What’s It Like Working At Hands On IT

Here at Hands On I don’t feel like I am working at all, I feel as though I’m creating a new passion for myself. In other jobs you have certain steps in order to resolve a problem, whereas here I am allowed to come up with creative solutions in order to get to the final goal.

Greatest Working Achievement

Being able to constantly learn, change and adapt the way that I work for the fast pace changes within Information Technology.


I love my comedy, so much so that I even share it on stage! I also love my classic comic heroes and the ever expanding world of movies. Although I also have a side to me that loves to travel and explore the world that tends to come out when I save enough money.

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