Job Title

Managing Director

Year Joined

Started company in 1995

Typical Day

Working on the business: sales, looking after our customers and making sure that everyone at work is doing ok.

Best Software/App

Ableton Live which I use for writing and producing music plus Songbook by LinkeSoft which stores songs, chords and lyrics and allows our band to share playlists for gigs, making sure we are all singing off the same hymn sheet (pun intended).

My First Computer

The Commodore 64 and my favourite game was Action Biker (Clumsy Colin) although thinking about it, that was my only game.

Most Exciting Up-Coming Tech

Blockchain technology, NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens), decentralised Crypto projects and the metaverse are a bit like the wild west at this point in time and may have some similarities with the Dot-Com bubble of the late 90’s but from the dust of the Dot-Com crash emerged the likes of Amazon and eBay and that to me is exciting.

What’s It Like Working At Hands On IT

There simply is no better place to work… ok, probably not a question I should answer and one we should leave for the rest of the team!

Greatest Working Achievement

Reaching a stage where the business functions well without me and knowing that it’s in safe hands with the team in charge, also achieving near 98% satisfaction ratings from our customer’s feedback.


Far too many according to my wife but here goes; exercise of all forms (running (parkrun in particular), cycling and the gym), writing and producing music, playing in a band (vocals, guitar and keyboards), dancing (Modern Jive, Ball Room and Latin), martial arts (black belts in Karate and Wing Chun Kung Fu), golf, skiing, cooking, Freemasonry (a very social way of doing more for charity).

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