How long am I tied into a contract for?

We have a mixture of contracts ranging from rolling monthly, rolling quarterly and yearly to suit each customer’s requirements.

Can I mix and match which services I have from you?

Yes you can mix and match to build any level of support to fit in with your business requirements.

Can you support software from another vendor?

Yes if we know it we are happy to deal with it and while we don’t claim to know every piece of software out there, we do have experience with most of the main software vendors’ products.

What are your response times?

Our guaranteed response time is within 4 hours of a ticket being logged. However, this is the worst case scenario and statistically most support calls are responded to within half an hour of being logged and, in many cases, the ticket is dealt with and closed within an hour.

Is the information you store about our company safe?

All information about your company’s IT is stored in Autotask, which is industry standard management software for IT support providers and the service is hosted within Autotask’s secure datacentres.

What payment methods are available?

Payment from our business customers is via direct debit at an agreed time after the invoice has been issued. For anyone visiting the shop, we are able to take debit and credit cards in person.

Which geographical areas do you cover?

Typically London and the South East, including Croydon, Sutton, Surrey, however we have many customers who have remote workers or offices in other parts of the country/world and with the remote support technologies that we have, there is no issue with supporting them.

What is a Solid State Drive (SSD)?

You know those flash chips that are used in USB sticks and SD cards? A SSD is basically several of those chips working in parallel with a controller to bring you higher performance and higher reliability. Unlike a normal hard disk, there are no moving parts and information is saved and retrieved directly rather than a mechanical head moving backwards and forward over a spinning disk, which is why it is faster and more reliable.

Who are Solid State Drives (SSD) for?

Anyone who wants their computer to start up faster (boot), shutdown faster, load programs faster, or play games faster. An SSD is for you if you want your computer to work faster than a machine with a standard hard disk drive and have a system that feels more responsive.

What benefits are there to an SSD beyond speed?

There are many advantages to a SSD compared to a traditional spinning mechanical hard drive, such as:

* No noise due to no moving parts
* Lower heat emission compared to standard hard drives
* Lower power consumption and as a result, longer battery life for laptops
* Reliability – much more resistant to shock and vibration, making them less likely to fail

Are all SSD drives the same?

Within the world of SSD, there are various factors that influence the speed of the drive.   In reality anyone moving from a normal HD to SSD will be happy with which ever drive they go with but for those looking to squeeze every bit of performance from their computer it is worth making sure that the spec of your SSD is matched to your requirement.

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