Job Title

Engineering Manager

Year Joined


Typical Day

Getting involved in the daily tickets and offering assistance to engineers where jobs/customers need to be handled in a particular way. Due to the range of different jobs that can arise, everyday does feel different.

Best Software/App

MSN Messenger – for me this is my first experience with online chats including video, audio and text. The ability to talk to people anywhere on the planet in such an instant way still amazes me every time.

My First Computer

486dx2 66MHz with 8MB RAM and a 400MB hard drive. I still remember being amazed by Doom 2.

Most Exciting Up-Coming Tech

Augmented reality developments. This has really been brought to the forefront by Pokémon GO. With developments such as HoloLens it will be possible to see and manipulate objects, that do not physically exist before your very eyes. With haptic feedback now being generated out of thin air too, the physical interfaces we have grown used to could be completely replaced.

What’s It Like Working At Hands On IT

When I think of working at Hands On IT it brings forward a feeling of friendship. Having worked here for so long, I have grown to be part of the team and enjoy working in this environment. Working for a smaller company gives me a stronger feeling of teamwork within the whole company. There is also such a variety of work to keep me active.

Greatest Working Achievement

My greatest working achievement is taking a childhood hobby and building that into a full time career. Going from trying to build my own computers up, to supporting all kinds of different environments has been rewarding.


I enjoy going to the gym and listening to music. My spare time has recently been consumed by starting a family – I keep telling myself to enjoy every second (although this is difficult at 3AM).

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